by Wandissimo

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released November 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Wandissimo Chicago, Illinois

production, instruments & singing by:
webb from chicago.


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Track Name: A Blossom Fell
a blossom fell from off a tree
it settled softly on the lips you turned to me
the gypsies say and i know why
a falling blossom only touches lips that lie

a blossom fell and very soon
i saw you kissing someone new beneath the moon
i thought you loved me
you said you loved me
we planned together to dream forever

the dream has ended for true love died
the night a blossom fell and touched your lips that night (hehe)
Track Name: GloomHole
rolling downtown smoking up clouds, shes a saint now
she doesnt speak loud if shes proud
i think shes got a fool in her mouth
its not these motherfuckers that im seeing downtown, loudmouth.
afterlife is the only life i know
walking close, drunk on a tightrope.
all my clothes are not existential
all i know is how to be grateful

if she could see me how i see the world to be i think that she would not like me i think that she would try to kill me
i think everything is messier than leaves falling down from the trees that ive smoked over 88 weeks

strap a bomb to my chest and put on a dress
im messing with death. saying right when im left
death knows about the cold. hes an immigrant running out of home
put me in check and punch me to death
wake up with a bomb in my neck and radiating toxic breath
Track Name: Portrait of Tracy (Jaco Pastorius)
portraits of you with a brand new face
seems like you knew how the burns would taste
i saw a pool of my blood today
kids were swimming inside my veins essentially

and everywhere i want to go is all around you
i worship the ground you pound, too
it seems like everything is in place but floating in space.
wanna go to buffalo? im so low im wonderful. its visceral

everythings under control. i got a hold of the things that make my emotions flow, unlike a soul that i know named jaco: flowing under spots where the no-names got gold. that's where im at though.
im not sold to the big tightrope. got me running up and down the no-name-light-show. its night, got a shiver in my spine cuz my names wandissimo.

cuz my names wandissimo. i got a reason; getting money isnt easy though. show me how to please you. know that i could never teach you cuz im charging for a feature, getting knowledge isnt free. making money isnt greedy.

making money isnt greedy
asking for a favor isnt needy
giving smoke for free isnt greasy
taking what you need isnt sleazy
taking money isnt greedy
if your family is needy
if you got a better reason kill yourself and leave me peacin taking money isnt greedy.