by Wandissimo

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released May 6, 2016







all rights reserved


Wandissimo Chicago, Illinois

production, instruments & singing by:
webb from chicago.


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Track Name: ShowBoat
october 87th. death falls from the heavens.
I collect all my weapons
get down with the hood shit bitch. i’m a killer with my wrist
come down on me. show me what you see
in my eyes i believe its a galaxy
what i see is a mystery to me
8 dreams put me down on my knees

keeping remnants of the memories
tryna move away from everything that i used to be
getting warmer getting colder
but im never growing older

physically i see that you can’t touch me
emotionally i am just 13
planting the seeds for a girl named she
pull up with your bitch in my bugatti

no one ever asks me why im laughing or why im clapping
i just get excited. youre invited.
getting lighted. always getting lighted.
one more year (wait for me)
i’m up here i see you a tear in your eyes is the first thing that made me clear
Track Name: FuckYou
i brought a knife to the gun fight
but i didn’t bring shit to the knife fight
i see you in my dreams fuck a stalemate
i’m bathing in the springs. fuckin alright!

creep past me and i’m watching

i took a bit of everything.
one more smoke hole. i’m grown i have no home.
i squat at mobile homes. pay you with my mortal soul.
fuck you i’ve payed my toll
no one knows what i’ve been told
she cut me with my bones
laying low
one year three months ago i was told my fate in stone
and so my day was told. i replaced my fear with gold

fuck you i played my role
made it so you could control
you think you know me but im only tryna help
fuck you this place is cold
purgatory in the snow
my soul will never go. stuck inside my comfort zone
when you say “no means no” i think you are joking, though.
my home is all you know, born and raised inside these walls.
you ain’t my children, though. i don’t know where you come from.
my state is bothersome. i’ve been here all night waiting on the moon to come.
Track Name: Ambien
4 days till im home from space
i cant wait till i see your face
meet me at the back of my favorite place
“till you come home i wait and wait”
been six days since i saw your face
still. at the back of my favorite place
sit down, fate calls my name
throw me to the dirt, “dig a shallow grave”

been 3 days since i ate
gonna be 8 more days on a silver plate
don’t listen to the words i say just meet me at the back and i’ll show you hate
waiting for a minute
spaced out face got caved out make my brain doubt what you say now

speaking from the heart, im gonna keep you in the dark
cuz you know what i say; “i’m okay”
i could’ve killed a time or two but i chose not to
i don’t want to drain the life from you

it hurts when i scream but i love it
when i go crazy i flex my neck so all my veins pop out
it makes me seem crazy

crazy fucking love it baby
im lazy, smoking getting hazy
Track Name: Winter-North ft. Grave Hates
grave hates:
will i make it to 27? will i ever get to heaven?
this week of winters washing me away
when will the stars start falling from the sky?
whiskeys been clouding my mind
we’ll end up 6 feet under anyway
i took some space for the rest of the day
i fucked with the space that i keep you
and i don’t think that i should leave you

wrecking the treble i fuck with the devil
i keep all my traits in a place like forever
we stay with the beat and we fuck with the devil
my system is loud. my verses are heaven
my levels are hot and my earthquakes are better
i never could tell you to bleed like it’s metal
i never could cheat on the devil
he opens my mind. my lyrics are better than you

run in the mud cuz i could. i know what you think of the blood cuz im walking by candlelight
i can’t live without you in my arms. you tell me to sleep you tell me to breathe.
88 times i tell you to dream in your sleep
88 times i talk when you speak
when i walk around you welcome me deep in your dreams and i want you to dream so you’ll look at me tenderly, somberly

grave hates:
where’s the life in your soul? wheres the light in your eyes?
all the brown dim to black
you can see the stars shine
now your dreams got you, oh
but don’t put them to rest
you are fading away and you’re trying your best
Track Name: COLD!
sold! to the one wearing hand me down clothes
fortunate enough to know me

no! i won’t make plans without you
some might say im bashful or irrational

cold! ice in my drinks is too cold
steam on my lips when i say your name, im too bold

old! last year i was too old
falling asleep on the phone. i’m alone

save it! i’m famous! you wake and i am nameless
faded! elated! don’t tell me that i’m hated
fake it! make it! don’t smoke and go to vegas
rated most hated! go home and smoke a vega
Track Name: Hey;)
walk in a flame
talking in secrets
i’m playing games
and nobody has seen me yet

i go where the wind blows
living by the north pole
weekly like ochos
you go where my gun goes
i know what the sun knows

i can see it written on your face you’ve been thinking of a time when you should’ve thought of place

remedy like a melody. like a memory. i could burn your effigy
your pedigree; i disagree
you’re taxing me. i could be your symphony

your remedy, i could be your remedy
things used to be simple and i could agree
i’m on your side. i am yours.

(you can see it written on my face my appearance is a figure in the distance watching over everything in space)
Track Name: Voodoo Trip
see me on the beach; fucking oceanside
see me on the beat; bout to die
see me in the street under a sheet that looks like concrete
it feels like a dream
gone for the night. where’s my keys?
torturing me. why do you have what i need?

creep through my dreams. walk to the edge of the majority
she says that she miss me but she don’t call me
picks up the phone when she’s cheating on me
i’m half down the street
emotionally, metaphysically
why you running from me?

smoke like a cloud. i’m a helicopter.
blades overhead you’d have thought that i was robocop or something i dont know
i could tell you what i think about kush for the low:
only premium will touch my blunts
i’m in space sweat pouring off my face i’m afraid cuz i lost my fucking name
baby it’s okay i’m safe i just lifted off
tastes like grain but it’s salt i just licked it all

eternal youth, i thought of you
space was okay but my bones tell me that i’m earthly

something like a jazz singer drinking hella liquor
got a lot of fingers, artifice for many women
you know what i’m thinking: i’ve been wonderful
don’t you think i’m like an angel?
i can do no evil
except when i don’t see you. i’ll be drowning people.
i’ll be like a seagull in the summer. i’m a demon
i’ll give you a reason to fucking leave me
i got dreams but my dreams don’t got me
you just shot me! are you a cop?
i’m seeing blue but that could just be cause of shock.
bleed out got my feet out, socks out.
got the rock out with my glock out, cop out.
im offensive but playing defense
i got the ball now that deaths my only friend
my lifes about to end
Track Name: FK-2
i’m there when you’re talking to me
i’m there when you fall in the see
i’m there when you need me to leave
stop talking bout me it’s raining on me
bottom of everything
top of a mountain i creep
live in the forest, i come from the sea
i’m out when you’re talking to me

run from me when you see me i can’t believe you. leave me be.
make me think that i can’t see. burn so bright you’re blinding me.

i’m home but cold and alone. i’m under the dome.
smoke to the ceiling, i’m rolling a cone
burns from my fingers straight into my bones
it’s bright when i’m outside but i can’t speak if i’m inside

pale face cuz i don’t know pain
all i know is how to get light when it rains
top brains say im insane
that’s why my arms and legs get chains
fuck fame. i’m out of the game
my body is out but they still keep my brain
i know they want me to stay but i’m getting called to emergency

fuck my life imma call it a night
no fight. i’m losing my sight of the light
roll up then i’m done for the night
smoke blunts cuz i’m saving my light
don’t fight when i come in the night
don’t sleep cuz i’m almost bright
don’t breathe cuz hear us they might
i’m harder than you cuz you don’t even bite

bullshite you stole my light
give it back quick before i pull my knife
roll me up a stick then i’ll be alright
throw me off a cliff when the timings right
gotta get the drip cuz you know i like
later i give you the 8ball you can’t feel your face but i know you like
i know you like
Track Name: Memory ft. Dick Cryptic

don't fuck with my new eyesight
don't say if i shine too bright
no signal. does that sound right?
don't say if this is real life
deep space. steep disarray
i think you should leave this place
i think you've been overstayed
i think we should disobey

if i have to i will ask you
i'll attack you if you show your teeth
dont tempt me

Dick Cryptic:

keep a couple g'rages in the buttocks
twistin up the lean then i keep it in my stomach
methamphetamines are the ones you try to covet
got a couple little secrets and i keep em in the closet

keepin close track of the days memorized what you do
then i dig a little grave goin balls to the wall waking up in a cave try to keep the place dark its just how we were raised

never gave much thought about what you be holding
all i got is a beezy and i use it for smoking
if you make me talk twice its your bitch thats gon' be choking
daddy just popped e and that motherfuckers rollin


rippin out my eyes rippin out the bad disguise
all i'm telling you is lies huge momentum to the sky
i couldn't fly i'm a message to the wise
waiting 3 days to rise like this bread and fish and pie
i get it how i'm living at the beach i guess i'm swimming
praying sounds like wishing
wishing to an empty being
i'm leaving cuz it's winter south is better get some dinner
losing feathers im a sinner lay me down and im a winner
Track Name: Les Paroles
woman. like a human. but its different. it's a message
it's old to do what youre told
but if you're cold i will hold you

she speaks my name and i do the same
she says to the trees the rules to a game
that game is safety and strength

it's about time that you entered my life, opened my eyes
you found god inside you. inside all of you.
respect. recollect my thoughts and feelings. i'm on the ceiling
don't hold my hand too tight
i sleep alone tonight
goodnight turn off the light

steep consequences. i'm impressed and a mess.
in a dress i compete with the countess, shes here at my address
and shes wearing that dress

if shes an object, i'm inanimate
if she is vibrant, i'm an animal
Track Name: Histoire
don't look back cuz i might be there
show me how you cut your hair
Track Name: NoMoney-Boi ft. Tyra Banks
it feels like home. take me back to the place i know.
feed my soul with a million pounds of fools gold
i love it but not as much as you
i dont say much because i care deeply for you

broken bones. i think my skull is unknown
cards will fold. sheep will die and so will you.
don't touch it, it looks infected.
i've been resurrected to behave on a checklist.

stolen! you've been stolen.
i thought i'd be good with a threat and a ransom note. cut your throat.
i don't want to kill you but that's why i'm on this boat. overthrow.

i don't want to hurt you. on the day of your birth you were clean as could be, you hypnotized me at every place that you speak.
it came from a dream, the maps in my head were as clear as could be.
i drink from the sink. they poisoned the water with LSD

passive, baby i'm passive.
aggressive when children are restless.
pissed when i'm checking the checklist.
i didn't get you a necklace.

i'm satisfied with the simple life.
still getting high.
putting silver dollars on my eyes.

asshole, baby i'm an asshole.
i shed my tears like i'm faithful
in debt, yeah baby i'm thankful
i want to tell you how i am able

able to speak
i strained all my muscles from working all week
if i was weak, i couldn't tell you how lonely i'd be
if you left me
my hearts always with you when i'm overseas.
whisper to me.
tell me the reasons why you love me
Track Name: Smoke&Fog&Clouds&Rain
if you're thinking that a man wouldn't touch you with a hand i could take you to the land where the young boys can
imma pop another xan put it right into my hand. AY.
im your biggest fan let me take you to the sandman
don't knock just come in at the top. you could drop a couple lines till the music stops.
keep singing till you hear the cops
stop talking when i tell you stop

when i can't get enough imma call you
when i stop getting love imma walk to you
theres words on my face i could tell you what they say but i dont know how to make it out
big mouth talking real loud
cash cow i kill you right now
but i cant go to the slaughterhouse
take me home but i want to take another route

forge my own signature.
run from the undertaker, he's got my name down.
the only moment that i got is right now.

pagan lives are indispensable
you're irreplaceable
and i don't know what to call you baby
i could show you how to pick a name but they all come from my membrane
cellophane and butane. and looks like black rain
Track Name: Better
it squeaks when you look at me
when you think of me im a queen
it reeks! don't let me see
im offering my peace to the trees

its a weed. from the ground up
pulled me out got me found up
shaded me in thats what sound does
music delivers the flounders
she gave me the loud dust
covered me with all my flowers
ours. she hit me back told me this isn't mine this is ours.

i want to make a scene for the people they're watching. i'll give them something worth watching

take it outside, you want wanna see when i end my life
take it down dry, don't look me dead in the eye
watch me cry, don't lie you want me to die
im high so very high. you want to see me fall and fly
you're makin me shy, you don't want to make me pull my knife
or cover my eyes, i don't want god to see me cry
you're making me lie, i'm in a place so very high
touch the sky
spark a light
take a drag
kill the night
Track Name: Ore
wake me from a dream where im on the train. you are next to me. i am whispering.
"you know that i'm hoarse"
don't tell the teacher of course
she said i'm so boring
"i am on a mountain"

don't take my life i caught you under knife
don't smoke this pipe you know your body better
i saved your life. i held the knife that cut your ties
i made it right, you told me that i'm life-like

im under covers and covers.
i love you and others.
i found you a lover, its me!
im awake in your dreams, you chase me.
im skating away from this stream

old notes of love left untold
im so cold, im shivering
no more! you can't move my fold
im too old to see you

you are the only thing to ever happen
Track Name: Worse
she creeped in through the veins i kept inside me
im trying to find me
tweakin with this gun she put inside my fingers
just last winter, i wasn't talking to her
but i found her in green things that are colder than winter
she rolls my blunts way thicker
i don't hit her
and torture don't abuse her
im a sleeper

catch my breath im calling death im falling head first straight to the worst
place i know; hell inside my skull.
fucking in these walls. corporate when i fall.
and i found her! in my pocket louder.
you gotta scream louder
i got power.
so much power.