by Wandissimo

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shout to Cheech for the beat on CHEAT

shout to Dick Cryptic and Disc Jockey Maybe Ghost Baby for the raps on CrackerBarrelBitch

shout to sid white for the album artwork

shout to god
shout to my family
shout to my homies


released August 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Wandissimo Chicago, Illinois

production, instruments & singing by:
webb from chicago.


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Track Name: HOLYSHIT
father time is wasting a father of mine
father rhyme

i fall to crime
she stares into my eyes
more like my soul

i want to keep a plot of land in you
preferably that of the coronary
as of or pertaining to the heart
to start a fire

a fire
one that i can see
is burning inside your eyes for me

a fourth that i can comprehend
is a mystery to me
contradictions like ones you can plainly see

I'm wearing out thin
thin as the plastic that covers my teeth
and thinner than me

you try to walk all over me
something that i would prefer over that is a coronary
you try to see me
but I'm hiding
Track Name: SomethingsNotRight...
i'm trying to help by not expressing my feelings
my features should be just enough for you, I was tough for you.
I don't wanna bring you down a few, I'm clowning you, don't smile my boo
i wanna be so fucking close to you
nothing will come inbetween us my boo
a frown better suits your form
I've been stony since the day I was born
vision gets hazy. tunnel vision head is spinning.
passing out quietly do not disturb is never a subject i learned
you remind me of clarity, I'm tryna avoid a calamity
that would vaporize me
water washing me away
don't believe what i say, this life that i live is a race
do not make haste, i think that i'm done with your face
if i told you that i'm lying would you believe it?
do you think that I'm lying just to conceal how i'm feeling?
i think that you're right
turn off the light
i think that I'm done for the night
i wish that i was motherfucking done with this bogus ass life

thinking how i'm living isn't how i feel
you feeling how I'm feeling is this bullshit real?
you want me to be open how is this for that?
i'll open up my heart and bleed all over you

im stroking you
controlling you
consoling you
im roasting you
I'm smoking you
consoling you
I'm rolling you
controlling you
i wanted to be close to you
I'm smoking you
inhaling you
im fallin dude
you seem confused
im gonna lose
nothing to do

we always made the best of the worst
but now I'm losing all my fucking worth
you'll never know what it means to hurt
you tryna kick my will I'm down and forcing me to choke on dirt

whats my worth?
who swung first?
fuck this shirt
its way to fuckin hot out here
im last resorting to drinking tears
and sinking my fears in the dirt
these amateur bitches are the motherfucking worst
they're the worst
Track Name: Cheat [prod. Cheech & Wandissimo]
three fucking centuries
getting all this luxury
everyone is suffering
donald trump is suffering

bottled up and wondering
what the fuck is suffering?
i procreate sheltering
i procreate suffering

donald trump is suffering
donald is the king
donald wears bling
catch me wearing diamond rings

catch me wearing fancy things
i got fancy things
i am everything

I'm alive and shedding skin
leave a trail to show where I've been

i am scented i am pure
all my purity is something to ignore

you are something left inside
when i come and get you i find that you have died

im exhausted i am tired
im wired
you're fired
you're hired
nobody knows all the shit that I've overcome
Track Name: WeeDo
no love when I cough up blood
fuck bad health i just wanna have fun
steep roads.. fuck that I'm done
i kill you and myself in one swift motion

after all the smoke has cleared
I'm sitting in the center wondering why I'm here
when i scream do you think I'm weird?
when i flirt at you do you think I'm queer?

i lost a memory
a part of me, inside of me
i want to be the one that makes you happy
if i treat myself, I'm running on bad health
if i hurt myself, my hurt will haunt me

my girl is with me. so sickly, so interesting.
i want to live amongst the finer things

8 ball tryna cough up blood
i just wanna sleep with the girl I love
innocent with a hint of emotion
my death was a lot of commotion

no love cuz i bathe in mud
rubbing on my skin some of your kids blood
you know that i've killed before
don't tell the cops I'm a criminal
Track Name: CrackerBarrelBitch (ft. Disc Jockey Maybe Ghost Baby & Dick Cryptic)
Crazy88 im stoned tryna skate
put me in the crate gonna take the pain away
get away from dame cuz she knows my fuckin name
she knows where i live and she's coming for my veins

all i feel is shame when i break
all i feel is pain when i skate
all i feel is numbing when i smoke and agitate
she says my name and i say I'm underaged

Disc Jockey Maybe Ghost Baby::::::
skinny snitches have been exonerated of the charges on all counts
their hollywood accountants deny responsibility
bill mahers still sitting in a fly house
while his uncles sitting and livin off disability
nevermind im not tryna disparage denigrate abilify
I'm just sitting with a dictionary attempting to feign some insight
while a renegade just gets ability
and i didn't get the invite
on the news dissin criminals at large
your girlfriend sits at home listening to el debarge
but who's johnny?
and who's in charge?
if not charles or you
i thought we could both learn the finer fights of kung fu
but i guess i was wrong
and then the fire came along
and since then I've just been walking around
singing your name

sippin vino keep a kilo in the ottoman
were hiding in the shadows and were shredding all the documents
nude strip we kidnap all the bitches that we pick
you give us lip, we'll get our booze and then we'll send you to the crypt

doin dive bombs into a thick clit
i only got $30,000 for the weekend
order my coffee black and then i dab in tj maxx
i only spit bars on samples that feature the saxx

weekend on the boat and we got too much coke to blow
so we take it to the pope and then we trade it in for fro
only go tubing while the high is still blooming
if we leave you in the water we toke the pipe that you were using
smoking all the yogurt
now were shroomin with chad kroeger
buckets full of yogurt
we gon tell you to come over

ten year anniversary
death waits around me
and takes all i need
after the fire i saw your body
somebody said that they saw you burning
i wanted to save whats left of you
a necklace and ashes
a burnt down room

im burnin fr u <3
Track Name: SkiinTight
I'm unknown gotta stay real low
i dont wanna fuck no ho
i stay true to the one i know
she's a god i love

quit for her gonna make me die
gotta get real high
suns too bright gotta go inside
gotta save my eyes

i smoke cloves cuz I'm on the road
gotta play some shows
no one knows where the bullshit goes
I'm about to blow

dont wanna live just look to the sky
i never lied
I'm outside I'm about to drive
I'm about to drive

she wanted a song so she had something to sing on
i want a bride but I'm too young for pesticides

i stop when i hit that drop
imma make that pop
fuck cops
fuck cops cuz i am a criminal
Track Name: "Sacred"
anger is significant
im psycopath
I'm scared of red

i resurrect
im underfed
under my bed
inside my head

I'm scared of death
I'm scared of what lies behind my chest
i made a mess

i stop the blood
perfect i never was
one more blunt and then I'm done
one more fuck and then I'm done

i saw you with the rising sun
brave faced I'm the chosen one
get chased have some fuckin fun
make haste getting work done

haven't seen you in a minute huh?
end it now pull out the fucking gun
i am moving to babylon

i make fun
i have fun
i smoke blunts
im akon
i stay on
when you're off
my hats off
im undone

i want what i want when i want
that sounds like fun
my life is fucked up you're never on what I'm on

i smoke blunts
i have fun
show no love
to fake ones
this song
i make fun of no one, I'm clean son

I'm bare bones my hair shows what no one knows
I'm bare bones i don't know
Track Name: GodFuckingDammit
you suck got no luck got no time what I claim is mine
im pushing myself over the line
i will be fine just in due time

rewind I'm sure it was fine
i gotta make sure that the scene was prime
fuck you cuz i am through with us
i knew that this was doomed

your room controls what i do
i lay down with you and i float I'm a human
im wasted i am flourishing
im conquering
im quitting

save all your heartbreaks for winter
i put all i am behind her forever
december my temper will utter a wimper
she wants my soul and i want to go home
Track Name: Body
spacebar I'm at a space bar
quasar rips hard I'm way charged
its hard to stay sober
i get barred I'm your master

recharge before i go hard
so tired i slow down race car
after the race is over
i will go hard
get unsober

cheat i feel pretty neat
today is the first day I've felt defeat
my feet are under your seat
don't move down or i will bleed

she's a goddess to me
she don't eat meat
she feels defeat
its we not me not she
were together
feels like weathering

she sings
and love i will bring
i feel like a king when she does that thing
you know it
I'm about to blow it
you better show it if you're happy and you know it

I'm growing
im bogus
I'm slowing down when i go in
im sober im a poser i don't know when this will be over

trees everywhere i see
i just wanna be a part of what makes you happy

wheeze every time i breathe
i just wanna sleep with you dream with you
i need you too
i needed you
i still need you

don't cut your sleeves
i am your father i see that your eyes have been watering i want to see you in autumn its awesome to..

every time i speak
I'm moving out with you
its what we need to be healthy
i want to be fucking healthy
Track Name: Bird
whole body is yearning for learning
i tried to get enough of you
i want to hold you and no one will come close to you
i fight for you

held you out of my pretense
you're my world and my best friend
you're a girl and a dead end

mayflies live right under my eyes
low tides and blue skies
im a high tide
or maybe just high?

i realized
if i left you i would die
so i stay right by your side
in my heart when i walk outside
in my pocket when i smoke inside
baby blue you're the light in my life
you're my sunshine

it feels like this feeling will never fade
but memories will disprove me
i believe
that i will show solidarity
find out what is hurting me
smoke won't get the best of me

cuz im 88
at this rate ill be dead within the week
she's killing me

her name is mary jane
she's a temptress and a masterpiece
she wants to kill me in my sleep

but I'm wide awake
she won't get the best of me
her name is mary jane