by Wandissimo

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released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Wandissimo Chicago, Illinois

production, instruments & singing by:
webb from chicago.


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Track Name: PTSD
I called cuz I just wanna get shit done
And im just tryna have some fun
Two things I see cant be like one
Im not what I think I am
Look like a bitch but I am a man
But a boy I claim to be
Fuck my life get rich smoke weed

Coming off quitting
Im back on the track with a blunt in my hat and some magic
Rap shit
Crack and im fantastic
White boy rap get big like fat chicks
Life is lavish
Voice is cracking
“911? My voice is cracking!”
Get real high and im alladin

You see what I mean?
I speak to your thoughts like a dream
And im in your head, in your body
Catch your breath and see what I see

I see you
Cuz im down in the depths like my favorite two
Were my favorite two
Walk mind in mind youre my favorite boo

Under all the aftermath
I will spit my favorite raps
I will take your hand and take you underneath the place and have fun
Fuck me im the one that youre cheating on

Im your favorite song
Im the one youre cheating on
Im the one you see in your dreams
Im your favorite one
Im your favorite one
Baby, im your favorite one

Only one
Baby im the only one
Im the older one
Grab my hand and have some fun
Fuck the other ones nobody can find me son
Nobody can touch me son
Nobody can touch me son

Fuck the other ones, im the one that knows your love
Im the oldest one, sneaking through your parents lawn
Im the only one take me home and call me hun
Call the other ones tell them im your favorite one
Track Name: SingForMePlease
Sometimes I close my eyes
Sometimes im wide
Other times I cry
While I close my eyes

While I close my eyes
I am hypnotized

Coming down quick
Im fixed on a chick that I cant get with
Perched on the top of the tip
I know what I said and I know how to whip
Fuck all the lies cuz they are adolescent
Feed of my energy im phosphorescent
Float through the air cuz I am effervescent
Float through the air cuz I am fucking god sent
Track Name: MyTrainKilledAMan
Keep me out your dreams
I dont expect you to know what I mean
But when she calls my name ill be there with dame
And a bitch who cooks and cleans

Melt away my name
Burn my clothes and tell everyone im lame
When I came to you I felt a wave or two of depression sink in my veins

Keep me out your dreams
im green in my eyes
and im clean in the sky with the birds in disguise
Im clean
I know what you mean when you tell me im addicted to the green
Duck and scream
Hide away from the shade get some sun on my skin today
Make haste and embrace what I say
Take you away just when I feel safe
I say that I am too fake
Bake in the weather its colder today
My face is cut by the traces of you in my sheets
I love you, okay?
Track Name: SleetAndSnow
Sleep on me I am a tragedy
But after she leaves ill be in misery

Wait for me im just an hour away
Im not afraid I just want to see your face

Ive been dreamin bout suicide
Bullet to the face but I never die
Gun on my waist but I never shoot
Put that shit away so I could be with you

Quit drugs but I still smoke
Inhale but I never choke
Exhale and I feel fuckin good
I hate myself like a young boy should

I am afraid
But I say im ashamed so youll walk away
Put your pity away
I dont accept charity

18 years ive been all you fear
Ima take these years try to drown your fears
Steer with your legs while you make things clear
Make me hear what you hear

Take me away to the place that you hate
Ill make you love it and make you think of it when
Everyone makes you think hell is a place
Hell is a place where the bad things stay

Im under your seat and im waiting for you to get up
Ill jump at you, make you fuck up
Youre not a fuck up but I put my dux up
And you put up yours and I feel all your love

Four more years till the snow

Four more years till I go