by Wandissimo

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merry christmases

shouts to sid white for album art

track 8 (Memoriam) dedicated to Frank Dieter


released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Wandissimo Chicago, Illinois

production, instruments & singing by:
webb from chicago.


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Track Name: Breakfast!
your hands shake like olive branches
white flags cover your expenses
wipe off any evidences
it seems like it's time for breakfast

full throttle to finish line. let go of time
wet sand in the promised land
i'm over past and pants
i've been over it for months

it's been showing in my blood
recollections of a flood
for once, i'm done
i've been floating in the dust

the lost of the tribe, mine, keeps me satisfied
this holocaust of thoughts is wack, i was having a heart attack

you've been worrying again, stop that
i've been running out of friends, come back
i've been sorrier than this, fuck that
i will run away from home
Track Name: Dude
loss of innocence from waiting for a clue. what do i do?
dead for the better. i'm just a part of the weather.
you could've taken two. but it's only for you, dude.
like a rubiks cube i'm solving you

lost from wandering and wondering what to do.
lost from you. in the supermarket tying both my shoes.
been abused. i've been used. all by you. but it's cool
i just love you, dude.
Track Name: Furthermore,
-from under other ones i plead guilty.
to fight for algernon, mark my words.
i've been held back for centuries.
amenities of the hotel i've been resting in peace in.

in this hotel i've been resting in peace in, i'm honored to take part in all this wonderful feasting. i'm wondering about the presidential achievement. i want to take him out, take one for the team.

take one for the team to bleed and make his kin bleed, make him see and watch his soul empty.

watch his soul empty. watch their fucking eyes recede as they fucking look at me. in my trench coat lost at sea. in the hallway mid stampede. killing semi-aimlessly. i've been waiting for police.

in the hotel i've been resting in peace in. i'm starving for a place that i can get up to eat in. i'm late for all the hours of my wonderful sleeping followed by 24 hours of weeping. peep this.
i could turn a new leaf then. i could stop a bullet running from piece, then.
i could blame it on the years of depression but instead i'm gonna start a secession of freshmen.
Track Name: Crosst
on my neck, a cross, a cross alone. i will never not grow old.
from my bed a wasp comes out my soul. mirror images are told like stories
i couldn't walk or walk alone. it's been printed on my bones
murder talks, she talks without a phone, she's been stepping on my toes since morning.

see my words get lost in outer space. she's been looking at my face.
when i talk, i talk and walk away. you won't hear the words i say.
i was 8 when i decided fate. i am why i lost my brain
or train of thought. she saw me walk and walk.
i've been walking here since morning.
Track Name: Cigrets
it's even waves coming down off my even face.
been watching sunlight pass through the drapes.
i could be safe cuz the last thing i need is pain.
i've been waiting for a good one to hold my shoulders.
shrugging off advice. i'm older today than i was yesterday.
power tripping on the younger ones. i could be having fun but nobody loves me.

i want to make a statement. i wanted to be all but complacent.
i want to show you all the fears that i'm facing, my mind is racing. face it.
i'm coming down again. calling all my friends.
i can't pay my rent so now i'm in a tent begging for a bet to pull me out of debt.
one more cigarette and then i'll probably quit.
i'm a piece of shit.

i'm not a fucking racist!
assumptions are contagious.
but you are fucking basic!
i pulled the same trick. tell me where the cage is.

i've been burning form and living in a dorm.
ever since i was born i've been living in a storm.
shot dead bullet through my fucking head.
but i know i was killed by cigarettes!
Track Name: Trouble (Again)
starry eyed and not much to hide, but a knife embedded in your spine makes me cry. timmy gride; i won't apologize. suicide is risky.

i'm in trouble again with you. step into my office.
i'm in trouble again, fuck you. fuck this and fuck me too.

weak and brittle bones.
stepping on stones just to hear the click.
i'm just reminded.

i'm not falling for this; your tricks. i'll talk to you later.
walking to an abyss to piss, i've been labeled gator.

one more chance to go back to places called home
one more chance to stay here with me
Track Name: Voicemail (1)
watching. innocent as a church mouse
pick up food for your house now.
i could be working late now but i was covered.

talking out of my ass into microphones a stage.
i won't look past all the smoke, and i should be running late.

if anything i could do would release my wrath unto you.
with some sense of empathy i would open my ceiling.
and i wonder who could sleep like you sleep

weeks ago i was told how you wanted to know.
now it's old news and you still are...

...waiting for my calls but i won't call.
please don't give up your hope now.
one lifetime is enough now, don't get greedy
Track Name: On a Hill
sleeping up on a hill watching gravity stand still.
i saw the wing of a moth on a hill.
i could be scared but i'm talking with death.
it's not a curse but a way to forget.

sleeping not in a bed, under highways instead.
waking up in a sweat seeing copies of myself.

walking for the back door, what the light bulb is for.
wait for the day where we say, "it's okay"
inside your hand, take a glance, understand?
talking in words like a bird is the worst.

waking up every night with a good day in sight.
making up for my sins waiting for the day to begin.
talking over myself, talking over the bells.
walking over a grave waiting for my day to be saved.