by Wandissimo

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shouts to sid white for album art


released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Wandissimo Chicago, Illinois

production, instruments & singing by:
webb from chicago.


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Track Name: 'Nus
As I pass through midnight glass shatters through the shadows as long as I can get right. As long as I can get high the boat motors through the stream of consciousness that I live by, or I could die by. Catch me as a poltergeist. Catch me bumping tunes with the goons reppin Sci-Fi. Talking Psy-Phy (the Psycho-Metaphysical). I'm walking in and out of a dream like a ritual.
And all I see is pain when I get your membrane.
I want to walk away cuz it's hard to stay.
I feel like it's okay to cut you from me.
I'm feeling like a dog when we communicate.
You and I were meant to be unfriendly.
I could never say what bothers me.
You ask me if I want to be your baby.
I could never say...
Track Name: Puddles
Talking to the one with a tattoo; images I'm relating to.
Walking around the hot button issues; something I don't deem as news, you feel it too. I want to keep using attributes that I take from me and you. I would say that I am a surgeon, matching up colors with wounds, it's not for you. I want to show you a better view from a place of giant dunes. Higher than the loose fitting dark room. Somewhere inside of Peru, my job is through. Fuck you I don't want to see you now that I know that you are loose lipped. My heart says don't let your colors through but I want you to see what drugs will do.

The side of lies that I do not like to define.
I tried but no fucking luck. My assets are dying inside the yellow lines.
It's fine but don't look at my eyes you would get petrified.
Medusa tried to shut me up but I've been right this whole fucking time.

Getting better. Shedding feathers. I'm no mystic guy but watch my eyes.
Move, I'll kill you. I won't shoot, but not cuz it's cool.

Walking from the back of every place you know me from. I'm a laser gun, in the night you see me, son. Executing fun, making it so you owe me one. Education, drugs, and music; everything you want."Everything you got", running your pockets deep. I thought that you were robbing me. How did I come out at 6 feet deep? My keys and wallet's what I need, you can keep all the material things.
Track Name: Fairy-ManLand
Want to exist in outer space?
Where my face would be replaced by the rays of sunlight scattered through this place. It's been wasted.
Although I've been gun-shy, word-wise, and all but a good guy.
I could pass time working past midnight. Stop when the police come, I commit crimes.

Something went wrong that day, when you crossed my path I stayed the same; I didn't change. I left my secrets far away, keep them safe.
Don't trust what I can't thrust or bust upon, inside, or up.
Can't silence all this luster. I'm one hundred percent hustler.

Want to exist in outer space? If it's hate, I'm okay.
Just when were in space I can't control my brain.
It's just fate. I'm asking for a date to say when I won't be okay. Walk away. Take a trip inside a cave.
Carve your name in such a way that makes the future people think that you're from space or insane. Don't wake up cuz then the monsters will awake. Disobey. Make me kill myself in rage. Red and Gray.
Quitting cigarettes was better yesterday.
Track Name: Bunnys!
Is that a coffin, or something I could stumble in, maybe take a 30 year nap in? Quit rapping, stop smoking jasmine, start hanging out with a girl named Jasmine? I want to make music with Aladdin, not when I trip and not when I'm sad, man. Only when I know it'll happen. Only when I stop for a week, then I'm back, man. Fuck. I didn't know life would suck when you stop doing shit that'll make you rust. Don't trust your words I feel like everything you say's absurd. It hurts when I can't turn around and see the dirty word. Unheard of, don't see where I'm going, blinded by the birds.

You see my pointed piece at thee. I'm offering my civility to drown your speech. Two weeks from now you'll be wondering, "did he put a spell on me?" Indeed I caused your weakness that will come from both your knees.

From the past, my brain sorts images, thoughts I brought from first to last.
In class I catch you staring at me, I see behind the mask.
At mass, I see you praying for your soul to be more than glass.
It's fragile, you can't carry that by yourself, you'll break your back!

It's what I say to make the pain go away.
I'm just supposed to take my life by the day.
Why would I stay to hate you, I'll run away.
I'm just amazed at all the shit that you say.

Coming from a dude like you, that's cool. I respect you and I hope you do too. You can learn to break those rules, but the only one who can is he who made those rules. I could preach all day but the only one to make that change isn't me, that's you. Take what I say with a grain of salt. Some things only work for me not you.